Garmin Edge 500 Review

The Garmin Edge 500 is a perfect chance for you to make your riding experiences more exciting and interesting. So, this pretty light and comfortable cycling computer, equipped with GPS, is foreseen for real cyclists indeed. The Edge 500 has all the capacities to measure your speed and distance, elevation and location features with the help of the perfect GPS it has. Moreover, you can get an excellently tuned analysis of all your ride data through the use of an ANT+compatible heart rate monitor, speed or cadence sensor or compatible power meter.

Training Jumpstart

With the help of the low-profile bike mount, you can adjust the Edge 500 to your bike stem or handlebars with just a quarter turn. To start riding, all you need is to force the Edge, get GPS Satellites and just move on. The GPS receiver of Garmin Edge 500 is of high sensitivity and quality and comes with HotFix Satellite prediction. It helps to calculate your location quite fast.

Data Receiving

Garmin Edge 500 Review

While riding, the Edge 500 helps you to get all the necessary data on the velocity and time, distance and altitude, descent and climb, and also on calories burnt. The device comes with a barometric altimeter, which is foreseen to provide you with even more accurate and concise details on descent and climb – you’ll have all the changes in elevation at your disposal.

You’ll find a third-party ANT+enabled power meters with all the options represented by the Edge 500 – they are perfect for showing power details in watts while riding. So, this is pretty important for enabling you to get the whole picture of all your efforts, thus helping you to train better and better, no matter what conditions you are in. You’ll find also a digital heart rate monitor and a speed or cadence sensor with some of the Edge 500 versions. Moreover, you can enjoy other helpful features, such as the Courses feature through which you can draw a parallel between a series of rides in a sequence on the same route; the Auto Pause, Auto Lap and temperature features. Besides, you’ll also get alerts while moving.


  • High-sensitivity GPS receiver.
  • Easy-to-read display.
  • Barometric altimeter – for precise climb and descent data.
  • Battery life – up to 18 hours.
  • Sleek, lightweight design


  • Item Weight 2.1 ounces
  • Product Dimensions 0.9 x 1.9 x 2.7 inches
  • Item model number 010-00829-06
  • Display Size 1.8 inches
  • Display Resolution 128 x 160
  • Warranty one-year
  • Battery Life 18 hours

Heart Rate Tracking

The Edge 500 can easily track your heart beats for each minute (with a Garmin heart rate monitor). This is needed for estimating your calories burnt. So, as a result, you get the amount of burnt calories. In order to advance in your fitness trainings, you should train in a concrete heart-rate zone, or you should make a comparison between previous and current heart rates and pace taking concerning the same ride.

Ride Analysis

For this very purpose, after having completed the given ride, you should connect your computer and the Edge 500 with the help of the USB cable. As a result, you’ll receive the analysis of the results of your rides. Moreover, with the help of the Garmin Connect, you can connect to the world network of outdoor enthusiasts and cyclists, and get all the necessary analysis or important information.

Customer Reviews

I’m pretty satisfied with my Garmin Edge 500, and I think it’s the best. I can say this smooth and nice device even exceeded all my expectations concerning cycling computers – it has all the necessary capacities. As for the size of the device, I thought it would be a bit smaller. Anyway, now I have not a single problem with the device, for it can excellently be attached to my handlebar, which is not a long one – it has only 80mm.

So, I have already exercised it quite successfully with no difficulties concerning the satellites, or pairing with the Garmin Heart Rate monitor, or the BontragerDuotrap speed (cadence) sensor. As compared with my previous Garmin, I haven’t had any problems with signals during my rides, which is just great! As for the screen features, it provides you with 3 screens, each having 8 data fields – as a result, you get 24 sets of data while riding. Well, I can go on enumerating many other positive features about Garmin Edge 500, but I think all the mentioned ones are enough to get a clear idea of it!

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