Garmin Edge 605 Review

Garmin represents a new series of computers with a new GPS navigation mode–Garmin Edge 605. Both are really great help, and are equipped with full-color maps, turn-by-turn directions, and up-to-date opportunities of route-planning and saving. Moreover, the Garmin 605 comes with monitors – heart rate and cadence, a barometric altimeter, and wireless opportunities that are great for sharing data on routs, or other information with this or that driver just on the spot.

Other important features of these perfectly smooth monitors include resistance against water, and its color screen in 2.2 inches of size. The latter is foreseen for data processing and release, which is an inevitable part in the organization of any kind of riding.

Garmin Edge 605 Review

Location-Based Data

Location-based data is of immense importance in any kind of driving: the original Garmin Edge 205 and 305 give you the opportunity to make use of distance, speed, time, calorie burning and heart rate data at any rate. So, having all these data at your disposal and being able to work them out in order to get a better idea of your driving results, you can develop your driving skills and abilities to a great extent, no matter it concerns the velocity, distance, territory, or to any other feature of your riding.

For instance, the Edge 605 barometric altimeter accounts for the altitude record, and the obtained altitude data greatly facilitates the processes of putting the altitude details together with those of speed, cadence or heart rate after you finish your riding and get down to working out the information received. As compared with the altitude data received through the Edge 605 (it uses a GPS positioning system), the former is more accurate and precise.

Well, the result is that you reach a new and a more improved level of riding, taking into consideration all the important data and details of the riding experience you have had so far.

Garmin Edge 605 – Best Bike Computers

The Edge 605 computer can be characterized by its capacity to measure such features as speed, time, distance, altitude and calories burnt. Garmin Edge 605 has the capacity to measure the heart rate, power (both the optional ANT, and Sport-enabled 3rd party), cadence, descent, and climb.

Besides, it can also provide you with the opportunity to compete with a virtual rider in the frames of concrete distances and periods of time. Apart from new races, you can also race against the already performed races, thus getting a perfect chance to draw parallels between your previous and brand dew races, which is so important for the further improvement of your riding results.

You’ll be able to pause the timer with the help of the Auto Pause whenever you slow down, or stop, or resume your ride, thus being able to concentrate on the race.

Whenever you appear in a specific location, or just cross an already planned distance, a new lap will automatically be set with the help of the Auto Lap.

In case you’d like to enjoy some other options, you can simply turn to the Click Stick.

Navigation – Full-Featured

Thanks to the full-featured navigation opportunities, you won’t need to attach a paper to the handlebars. Apart from the cycling functions of the computer, both Garmin Edge 605 and 705 are designed with the analogous robust navigation device, which is characteristic of Garmin’s vehicle navigators. The mentioned robust navigation is designed to provide spoken directions – turn by turn (turn left in 500 yards). Besides, it comes with a color display in 2.2 inch (diagonal) size, which will enable you to use maps designed in every detail.

The mentioned devices are designed to have a base map in the inner side, and also a MicroSD card slot that can be used for loading new maps, or for keeping the processed data on your riding experience. As for maps represented by Garmin, they vary from street to topographic ones – they can be found on sale. Besides, various courses and rides by Garmin, and also other riders can be found on the Garmin Connect website: they can easily be downloaded. Moreover, they both possess a highly sensitive receiver, being able to keep signals under trees or near high buildings. You can also enjoy simple screen navigation with the help of its click stick.

“ANT + Sport” Connectivity System

The “ANT + Sport” connectivity system is one of the most exciting and ambiguous solutions that Garmin represents to your attention; thus, fitness devices are being regarded as total platforms through the use of the mentioned system. The new fitness devices offered by Garmin (Edge 605, Edge 705, Forerunner 50 heart rate monitor watches) can be brought into contact with any device on “ATN+Sport’ compatibility protocol bases, and also with other devices manufactured by other companies. As for the Garmin device, it can currently be paired with SRM or Quard power meters in order to track power (each leg with torque and cadence at the pedals) that really plays the role of a successfully-performed-ride indicator.

As for other manufacturers, it’s still unknown which of them will enter into the ANT+Sport platform; anyway, such connectivity with different products offered by different companies is a perfect opportunity to enjoy flexibility. Besides, different Edge units are able to connect with one another for the purpose of sharing courses, rides, and other information through the wireless connection.

Heart Rates and Cadence Monitors

The Edge 605 heart rate monitors are designed with a robust wireless technological means foreseen for keeping out the crosstalk or other hindrances that may occur, for providing current or real-time heart rate data particularly for the given user’s device. The further processing of the obtained data can easily be carried out after it is stored. The Edge 605 comes with a speed or cadence sensor – this is a self-calibrating and wireless speed or cadence sensor set on the rear chain stay of a bicycle.

Being a Community Part

The year 2007 was marked with the acquisition of the Motion-based routing, maps and courses by Garmin. This was a highly valuable step taken from the part of Garmin, which led to providing assistance to the GPS user community, and providing route options for the GPS users. Well, you can easily get a connection between Garmin Edge 605 and your PC, and, thus, acquire an opportunity to be in contact with a network, spread all over the world – a network of cyclists and enthusiasts, which will be available through the Garmin Connect newly designed website.