The Garmin GPSMAP has got a tilt-compensated compass with 3 axes, a barometric altimeter, BisrdsEye Satellite imagery that requires a subscription, photo navigation and support Custom Maps. The device is quite strong and water resistant and comes with a quad helix antenna providing incredible reception. Besides, it enables you to enjoy a perfect USB connection, its modern design and wireless compatibility with other devices.


In case you would like to navigate with no difficulties, you have a fine opportunity represented by the shaded-relief base map by the Garmin GPSMAP. The photo navigation makes it simple to download pics from the Garmin Connect.

Getting Bearings

The Garmin GPSMAP comes with a built-in tilt-compensated compass (electronic and with 3 axes) foreseen to show if you’re moving on (or even if you’re standing), and a barometric altimeter foreseen to keep you informed about the pressure changes (showing altitude features or even barometric pressure details). All these are helpful for keeping the weather conditions in the center of your attention.

Wireless Operations

The Garmin GPSMAP gives a perfect opportunity to transfer various data, such as your tracks and waypoints, routs and geocaching information through wireless operations to some other devices. For this, you need to use the “Press” button, and just make all the necessary information shared with another device.

Location Fixing

The Garmin GPSMAP can easily fix your location quite easily, with the help of its quad helix antenna, WAAS-enabled GPS receiver (of high sensitivity) and the HotFix satellite prediction. This refers also to locations in heavy woods or in deep canyons, or near high buildings and in tree covers. So, wherever you go, the Garmin GPSMAP 60csx of Garmin GPSMAP 62s will become your best and most reliable friend in helping you not to lose your way and get to the right destination you need!

Additional Maps

The provided 1.7GB memory gives you a fine opportunity to download Topo maps (24K and 100K detailed topographic, marine, road maps). So, you can just plug in the BlueChart g2 cards for waters, and the City Navigator NT map for routing, and just enjoy your day! As for the compatible maps, you just need to look at the map tab.

BisrdsEye Satellite Imagery

You have another opportunity of enjoying another great feature represented by the device – this is the Birdseye Satellite Imagery option that requires a subscription. It helps you to download satellite images, and make them integrated with your maps. Besides, you can also make it compatible with Custom Maps – this is a free software used for changing electronic maps and papers into maps that can be downloaded for your own usage.

Getting Connected

After you have completed your explorations and got down to storing your activities and analyzing them, all you need is to make an easy connection with your computer and the Internet. As a result, you’ll receive all the required analysis in details, and with the help of the Garmin Connect you’ll be able to send your tracks to the outdoor device. You’ll have an activity table at your disposal that will enable you to see your movements right on the map through Google Earth. Moreover, you’ll have a chance of discovering other routes, which are uploaded by other users of Garmin Connect. Afterwards, you’ll also be able to share the experience, you have obtained, with other users on Facebook or Twitter. Everything is easy – just get whatever you need and share it!

Future Trip Planning

The opportunities offered by the Base Camp will allow you to plan your further trips with ease. This software is aimed at organizing maps and waypoints, tracks and routes. It can be described as a free software used for planning your trips, for creating Garmin Adventures (that can be shared with your friends, or family members or fellow users). With the help of the BaseCamp you’ll be able to see the topographic map details (shown in 2-D or 3-D, and also contour lines, elevation profiles) on the screen of your computer. Moreover, you’ll be able to share satellite images (unlimited) to your device through the BirdsEye Imagery subscription operations.

Getting Fun

Purchasing the this unit, you obtain a perfect chance to download and transfer geocaching details to your device. On the other hand, this is also important for the environment around you, as you don’t use paper at all, and you make use of your device instead, and, besides, you operate more efficiently. The most important information (locations, territories, various hints, difficulties, descriptions, etc.) can be saved and displayed via the Garmin GPSMAP. Thus, you get rid of manually operated functions. For this, all you need is to upload the GPX file to your device, and start looking for geocaches.

So, Garmin GPSMAP can be characterized as light and smooth, perfectly comfortable and useful. Buy it, and you won’t regret at all!