Getting stuck in traffic is a huge bummer for all, especially when we head out to reach an important event. This becomes an even greater issue while one is on the way to office or dropping kids to school because of time-constraints involved. However, using this TOMTOM GO PREMIUM X, you can make your car travel experience the smoothest.

Now you can reach beyond familiar towards extraordinary with TOMTOM GO PREMIUM X CAR SAT NAV, while you drive your car from location A to B. This tremendous navigation technology, offers complete route and traffic guidance, which is backed up by last-mile navigation and IFTTT integration. It also has a unique ETA feature that notifies you about the Estimated Time of Arrival of your destination. Such amazing features and functionality ensures you have a smooth and hassle-free driving experience. In fact, you get to choose the best routes that have least traffic so you reach the desired destination in minimum time.TOMTOM GO PREMIUM X CAR SAT NAV Review

What are its Main Features?

  • Keep World Map Updates at fingertips via a Built-In Wi-Fi
    You don’t even require a computer device as TomTom GO Premium car sat nav comes to your rescue. Now you get to check out the latest world maps and software updates.
  • TomTom MyDrive and Road Trips
    Get inspired and inspire others as you experience the thrill of journeys from now on. TomTom’s precise navigation aids you discover and decide the routes before-hand. You can even find scenic areas and attractive events that come along your way using the car sat nav.
  • IFTTT Integration enables one to Save, Set and Synchronize destinations
    TomTom GO Premium’s IFTTT feature lets you synchronize address details with the location for every set event that’s on your agenda.
  • Share live location and the ETA for your trips
    Now you get to share your arrival times and location with friends, family and coworkers. This even ensure you are safe as your dear-ones know your location, without you having to use your mobile device. All of this is made possible with the TomTom Go Premium X.
  • Compatible with the Google Now service & Siri voice recognition software
    Still using your phone to check weather forecasts, calendar, searching Google or making calls? Now you can tuck your phone away and save its battery life, while you use this personal assistant to do these tasks. This helps you remain focused while driving.
  • Lifetime Speed Camera Alerts
    Stay notified via trusted warnings for mobile and fixed speed cameras. Stay annoyance-free by getting updates regularly on mobile, fixed and an average speed camera. You get to avail these benefits at no extra charges that too for the whole lifetime of your TomTom Go Premium X.

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  • Hands-free Smartphone Messages and Calling
    Enjoy driving with the ease of hands-free calling. TomTom GO’s microphone and speaker are designed in a way, which enables one to experience hands-free, high-quality calls while on the go. You also get to hear all text messages by simply saying “yes” each time your TomTom Go Premium X asks to read them aloud for you.
  • TomTom Traffic Lifetime
    Say bye-bye to traffic jams with TomTom Go Premium car sat nav as it intelligently plans out every route around the traffic areas. It has a built-in SIM card and real-time notifications that come from millions of drivers. Imagine it as a network of well-wishers or friends helping you out in choosing the best trip-route you take.
  • Voice Control
    TomTom GO Premium car sat nav can be fully controlled with your voice. To activate its voice control, just say, “Hello TomTom” and then set your next destination, look for its address, search for any alternative route, or just adjust its brightness or volume settings.

What’s there in the Box?TOMTOM GO PREMIUM X box contains


  • GO Premium X 6″ car sat nav
  • Magnetic mount
  • USB cable
  • Travel Carry Case
  • Dual Charger
  • Screen Protector
  • Documentation


  • Capacitive or Fully Interactive touchscreen
  • 16 GB internal memory that comes with Micro SD card of up to 32 GB
  • User interface and spoken instructions supported in many languages


  • ETA and location-sharing feature available only for Android phone devices
  • Battery life is only up to 1 hour

Pricing details
TomTom Go Premium X is available for $$$ at zero shipping cost.  Click Here for current pricing.

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Considering the handful of great benefits and features TomTom Go Premium X has got to offer, it is a must-buy navigation product for all car owners. It helps you have the best experience while you drive your car to the destination. Further, you get all these exciting benefits at such an affordable price.