TomTom Trucker 520 Review

TomTom brings you the all-new multifunctional TRUCKER 520 which empowers you to track your truck from anywhere with the implementation of the latest technologies of GPS. TomTom has established itself as the leading GPS service provider and it provides the affordable and easiest way to track your truck. With its latest features and its efficiency, this TomTom TRUCKER 520 has become the most preferred product in the market. With this device, you can locate your truck to be aware of its security which thereby lets you monitor your assets and protect it in time.TomTom Trucker 520 Review

The top-notch functional qualities of TomTom TRUCKER 520

The surprising functionalities of this device allow you to think and work differently. When you set your vehicle type, its size, weight, cargo and speed, TomTom 520 checks the details to find out the possible and convenient routes. Finally, it provides customized routes for your vehicle. Moreover, you are served with Lifetime Maps of USA and Canada which makes your communication easy. The functionalities do not end here. You get the latest traffic updates via WiFi networks, dedicated truck POIs, truck, bus, van, and car routing. The MyDrive route planning makes you decide on the fastest way and the smartphone messaging system alerts you regarding stopped traffic or any other unfavorable situations immediately.

The Amazing Features of TRUCKER 520 of TomTomTomTom Trucker 520 specifications

The TRUCKER 520 of TomTom comes with an array of features such as the following:

1) GPS Navigation System

GPS gives you the freedom to customize your journey to your destination through preferred routes. It is a perfect service which provides you with a convincing time to reach the destination.

2) Updates through WiFi

Obtain the latest software updates through the built-in technology available in TomTom TRUCKER 520. With this technology, you are free from the hassles involved in carrying a laptop or sticking to a computer. Just connectivity to the WiFi network and a correct installation from the menu enables you to receive the constant notification from your truck GPS.

3) Stopped Traffic Alerts

The hazard caused by apply sudden braking force can be controlled by its traffic alert feature of the GPS. Hence with this functionality, you become aware of the accident-prone areas and can take precautions to ensure safe driving.

4) Hands-free calling

This feature lets you connect your smartphone via Bluetooth. So, stay connected with your family and drive safely at the same time with your TomTom 520 TRUCKER which connects via Bluetooth service facility.

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5) MyDrive route

With MyDrive route planning, you can customize your route chart and direct yourself towards safer and faster roads than others. Your truck GPS navigation teamed with this unique feature enable you to reach your destination quickly and easily.

6) Google Now and Siri

On your long truck journeys, Siri or Google Now becomes your best travel assistants to guide you throughout. Just activate this two intelligent software’s and interact with them using TRUCKER 520 built-in microphones.

7) Smartphone messenger service

Smartphone message system provided by TomTom alerts you regarding safety on the roads while driving. The TRUCKER reads the messages loud from your SMS, iMessage, Line, etc.

8) Lifetime TomTom Traffic

A close traffic prediction by TomTom TRUCKER 520 helps you avoid the congestion of the roads and highways. So now, by connecting the gadget to your smartphones through Bluetooth, you can choose a better way to get through.

9) Lifetime Large Vehicle Maps

By displaying the most authentic arrival time, this feature allows you to drive efficiently. So you can utilize the product features to save your money as well as time.

Contents of the BoxTomTom Trucker 520 in the box contents

The Trucker 520 GPS device comes with all the smart accessories that help you to enjoy the functionalities of the device easily. These tools turn the device completely user-friendly. With the help of them, the device will never go down. The toolbox includes the following useful items:

  • Active Dock allows you to mount or unmount the device according to your preferred position. It has a strong foundation to support the gadget fix properly.
  • USB Cable gives you the ability to manage its charging anywhere and anytime. So you never run out of the battery power while you are on your way.
  • Car Charger lets you charge your phone in the vehicle itself.
  • Adhesive Disk is a perfect piece to mount the device on your windshield or dashboard.
  • The User Manual guides you about the entire working of the gadget.

Pros and Cons of the TomTom Trucker 520

Here is a list of the pros and cons of using TRUCKER 520 of TomTom:


  • The functionalities and features are sure to win the heart.
  • Truck Navigation works best most of the time.
  • It has a sturdy built quality.
  • The design is spectacular.
  • The look of the item is trendy and magnificent.
  • You would recommend it over other similar products.


  • Information quality is not up to the mark.
  • Price is higher compared to its utility.
  • Out of the entire TomTom product, this device needs an overall improvement.

Pricing Details

You can easily own a TomTom TRUCKER as it comes with an amazingly affordable price click here to check latest price.

Concluding Remarks

The TomTom Trucker 520 is a revolutionary product which helps in the day to day working of today’s business market. It understands the specific needs of the customers and is designed to bring about the efficiency of the business. So to out-think your business requirements, choose the best by owning TomTom TRUCKER 520.